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Surprise win of Regionalliga Süd/Südwest team Waldhof Mannheim at Bundesliga "Meisterschaft&quo

Thomas R. (on loan from VfB Stuttgart) and Edwin B. (last minute transfer from North German Auswahl) surprised incumbents VfB Stuttgart and hopefuls Bayern München and SV Werder Bremen by clinching a tight victory over VfB Stuttgart 1 in the final with 109.0 on averages against 105.5.

Participation in the final for the "Söhne Mannheims" has been a lucky shot since they went down against VfB Stuttgart 2 in their first game of the evening 95.5 against 101.0 on averages. But an outstanding game of North German Auswahl's Sander H. with 138 against VfB Stuttgart 2 (note: this game is still under investigation by DFL for irregularities, a rumor of match-fixing was making the rounds) brought 3 teams in group B on level points with Waldhof securing the group top spot due to their outstanding average score in the previous games. VfB Stuttgart 4, also in Group B, with two under-aged players at the start was competing "ausser Konkurrenz" to avoid FIFA-transfer bans currently affecting Spanish giants Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid.

In Group A meanwhile VfB Stuttgart 1 dominated the group phase as expected securing 9 points, despite some top players out of the team due to scheduling errors (similar to Grosskreutz's problem in Galatasaray, same same but different somehow), with Bayern München coming in a close second. The game between the VfB Stuttgart 1 and Bayern München ending 127.0 to 120.0 on averages was clearly a highlight of the evening, also due to family members being pitched against each other on either side of the teams. SV Werder Bremen however only managed one win in the group phase and VfB Stuttgart 3 has been send back to the training room as dead last in the group.

Finals then saw a youthful, except one player, VfB Stuttgart 4 motivated by the lifting of the FIFA-youth-player transfer ban for this game, and beating their compatriots from VfB Stuttgart 3. In an all northern derby SV Werder Bremen secured 5th place against North German Auswahl. And, VfB Stuttgart 2 beat Bayern München to come in third place. 3. Match Day Bundesliga "DFB-Pokal" (in Bowling in Singapore) on 28.05.2016, 7pm Block the date for when it comes to VfB Stuttgart trying to fight back from the recent loss, Waldhof Mannheim looking to secure the double (unfortunately, VfB Stuttgart cannot end the loan to Waldhof Mannheim of their top player pre-maturely), FC Bayern München fighting to secure the dominance in bowling which they have been showing in Bundesliga football, teams from northern Germany attempting to break into the phalanx of the southern German teams or any new (or old) kid on the block showing up. Invitation see below and given the recent experience with organising the events, the organiser may change the rules slightly in line with EURO 2020 plans and Qatar WM 2022 requirements.

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