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Surprise win by FC Bayern München of "DFB-Pokal" at Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore

Finally, Rekordmeister und -pokalsieger FC Bayern München managed to clinch their first success in Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore with winning the "DFB-Pokal". However, only cunning moves at the transfer market ensured this surprise win as last minute signing Attila scored 630 on aggregate over all 4 games, far ahead of the second best scorer of the night, Thomas R. of "Meister" (in Bowling in Singapore) Waldhof Mannheim with 578.

"DFB-Pokalsieger" FC Bayern München. Picture (from left): Attila (630), Florian O. (463), Andy R. (525)

After a warm-up round 8 teams started directly into the quarter-finals. FC Bayern München (360) easily won against VfB Stuttgart 3 (319), while title aspirant VfL Wolfsburg (240) suffered a defeat at the hands of VfB Stuttgart 4 (344). In the tightest game of Bundesliga Bowling (in Singapore) history since its inception, "Meister" Waldhof Mannheim (362) lost against VfB Stuttgart 2 (363). VfB Stuttgart 1 (452) played the strongest game of the evening against 1. FC Nürnberg (301) clinching the last place in the semi-finals and sending the "Glubb" into the "Trostrunde".

The "Trostrunde" saw Waldhof Mannheim coming on top, indicating that they are still going to be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming 2016/2017 season. Wins against 1. FC Nürnberg (305 vs 247) and VfB Stuttgart 3 (373 vs 271) put also VfL Wolfsburg behind them. The team from the Autostadt of the Volkswagen came short against VfB Stuttgart 3 (268 vs 240) only to leave no chances to the team from Nürnberg in the last game of the day (305 vs 247). The "Glubb" clearly has a rocky road ahead in the next season.

The "Pokal" on the other hand saw FC Bayer München (451) decimating the VfB Stuttgart 4 (374) team, while VfB Stuttgart 1 (426) indicated towards an interesting final as VfB Stuttgart 2 (321) stood no chance against the first team of the "Boys from Cannstatt". The "kleine Finale" was then an all-VfB Stuttgart affair and VfB Stuttgart 2 (360) once more giving a glimpse of their future potential against VfB Stuttgart 4 (233). In the final then FC Bayern München (395) left nothing to chance beating VfB Stuttgart 1 (339) solidly with their victory never being in question.

Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore continues. Watch out for the 2016/2017 dates being announced soon. Indicative dates are

"Trainingslager" 22.10.2016

"Meisterschaft" 21.01.2017

"DFB-Pokal" 20.05.2017

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