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Committee Changes

Coming 2017 there have been two changes at the helm of 1. VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Asia (Singapore), not due to lack of performance - to the contrary - but just due to the usual reshuffling of staff of international companies between Asia and Europe.

We say goodbye to Dirk, who has been Vice President since 2015. Not only has Dirk on many occasions hosted the Fanclub to watch games at his home - we will never forget the final game of the 2014/2015 season winning 2-1 against SC Paderborn and securing to stay in 1. Bundesliga, but I will also never forget the disastrous 6-2 defeat against Werder Bremen less than one year later sealing the coffin of relegation - and started his Barbie for us, but he has also brought to us the new red Fanclub shirt and finally the Fanclub flag!

The other committee member heading for greener pastures, Francesco, has been overseeing the finances of the Fanclub since 2015. With a stellar performance year to year, the Fanclub - a non-profit society - has to pay now taxes, albeit a very small amount.

With Dirk and Francesco becoming eligible for election to the illustrious "Ehrenrat - The Statlers and Waldorfs of the Fanclub" with the next AGM, we are looking forward to their continuous support of the Fanclub and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

Incoming committee members are Sandra as Vice President (acting) and Gerhard as Treasurer (acting).

"Sandra went to the stadium for her first game in 2006 and hasn't left ever since. Before moving to Singapore in 2015 she had season tickets in the Cannstatter Kurve and went to almost every home game and plenty of away games, in Germany as well as all over Europe."

"Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gerhard Klement and I am living in Singapore. However I am a local guy and not an expat. Long time ago I have been born in the "Schwabenlaendle". I am a fan of VFB Stuttgart since I can think off. I remember the Saturdays when we, after the comic show of Pfleiderer and Haeberle, have been sitting in front of the old transistor radio and listening to the frenetic voice of the reporter commenting the game of VFB. I am delighted to serve as the treasurer of the VFB Asia Fanclub."

Wishing a good start we welcome Sandra and Gerhard in their new roles and are sure they will continue and even excel on the excellent work of their predecessors.

On behalf of 1.VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Asia (Singapore)

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