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Bundesliga Season 2017/2018 Finale in Singapore

With the Bundesliga Season 2017/2018 coming to an end, the Bundesliga Fanclubs of Singapore invited for one last party before the World Cup. And what a party it was! Noone in the 100+ strong audience would have believed at the beginning of the evening that VfB Stuttgart, having returned to the top flight just at the beginning of the season after one year hiatus in the 2. Bundesliga, would kick the - since 2013 and possibly for years to come - reigning champions FC Bayern München 4:1 into the butt.

Not only stunned this the over 20 representatives of the Official FC Bayern Fan Club Singapore attending the event into a surprised silence, but it also lightened the mood of the already relegated Singaböcke and the Dino-supporters watching HSV singing its 1. Bundesliga swan song. Strongest contingent of the evening came from BVB Fans of Singapore who were happy for their club to hang on to a starting place in next season’s Champions League by a very, very thin thread.

World Cup is around the corner and Germany will, with the goals from Mario Gomez, surely hold on to the title. And, after the season is before the season, we are all looking forward to another exciting year of watching Bundesliga football in Asia.

Thanks to Brotzeit, FC Bayern Fan Club Singapore, BVB Fans of Singapore, Singaböcke for their support of the event. And, not to forget, thanks to Bundesliga International GmbH Singapore Branch for their support throughout the season.

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