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“The End of an Era” -Tim P., Honorary Auditor of 1.VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Asia (Singapore) steps down

After 8 years of dedicated service to the Fanclub, founding member Tim P. steps down as Honorary Auditor to let younger, fresh blood take over his role to have an eye on the creative book keeping of our Treasurer(s). Having had to deal with none less than five of them over the years, Tim P. was a beacon of trust and consistency for the finances of the Fanclub. Ingo J., Treasurer, expressing his thanks and gratitude: “Tim P. was the best auditor I have worked with in my 18 years as a finance professional. It was an honor!”

Tim-Frederik K. stays on as the other Honorary Treasurer of the Fanclub bringing the necessary experience to this tasking and challenging job. Tim-Frederik K. on Tim P. leaving his side: “It is sad seeing Tim leaving, and it has been an outstanding experience serving along his side.”

His successor will be Michael J., hailing from the beautiful Schwarzwald town of Altensteig, with decades of experience in the finance sector from Berufsakademie with Stuttgart’s very own Landesgirokasse all the way to having spent the last years in Singapore on the ever more important IT-side of the finance industry. Looking forward to this new endeavor, Michael J. comments: “I am looking forward to contribute and to look the Treasurer over the shoulder to ensure good governance and compliance.”

“Being a founding member, Tim contributed a lot in the early days of the Fanclub. Having signed the historical “Gewaltsverzichtserklärung”, possibly only needed for matches against KSC, is not something to be taken lightly. And, having served as an Honorary Auditor over the last 8 years has shown that the bound between Tim and the Fanclub is strong. Seeing him leaving is truly “The End of an Era””, Fanclub President Hartmut D. remarks on the farewell of Tim P..

With his main job at the Fanclub now put on the side, Tim P. can focus and his side job as MD of the SGCIC (Singapore AbKüFi) and of course is expected to join watching the VfB matches together with the Fanclub more often than in the past. Tim P. ‘s wishes for the Fanclub: “All the best, continued growth and success and especially more fun to watch VfB Stuttgart winning matches in 1. Bundesliga.”

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