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Hertha BSC Berlin crowned "Meister" 2017 (in Bowling in Singapore)

With the last minute entry of a 2. Bundesliga All Stars team (1. FC Kaiserslautern, VfL Bochum, VfB Stuttgart) this year's edition of the Bundesliga "Meisterschaft" (in Bowling in Singapore) saw five teams battling for the title. In a heated fight, only the last games decided to lift Hertha BSC Berlin to the title, with reigning cup holder FC Bayern München coming in a close second, cup winning players Attila and Andy R. were truly missed. Title aspirant VfB Stuttgart was a distant third, followed by 2. Bundesliga All Stars. "Titelverteidiger" Waldhof Mannheim, despite star player Thomas R. clearly dominating the field individually for the whole night, had no chance of mounting a successful title defence and coming in dead last this year, benefits that there is no relegation possible in Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore. Replacing 50% of last season's winning team and having to enter into a "Spielvereinigung" with FC Augsburg to meet this year's minimum player number of three, was too much to 'tahan'.

Due to the unconventional 5-team format, a modus was chosen of each team facing off with each other, plus one game without direct opponent. The latter then counted as a tie breaker in the case of equal points, and this turned out to be decisive. FC Bayern München started strong with a victory over the team of the title defender Waldhof and VfB Stuttgart equally strong dispatched the later winner of the evening Hertha BSC Berlin. However, 'The Old Lady' came back strong winning their second match against FC Bayern München. In a game, which later turned out to be a bottom of the table event, Waldhof clinched their only victory of the night against 2. Bundesliga All Stars. With Hertha continuing their winning streak against Waldhof, VfB Stuttgart folded against 2. Bundesliga All Stars. Particularly Sandra G.'s whopping 107 in this game raised eyebrows among VfB supporters as she played her best game of the evening just against her own Fanclub mates. FC Bayern München in that round played a below par 104.3, which later turned out to be the death nail to their title hopes. However, for the time being FC Bayern München managed to keep their title hopes alive by squashing VfB Stuttgart's one's in a towering 127 vs. 103 victory, while Hertha BSC Berlin built on their lead with another victory against 2. Bundesliga All Stars. In the last game of the night VfB Stuttgart managed to claw back a last victory sealing Waldhof's fate at the bottom of the table and FC Bayern München's victory over 2. Bundesliga All Stars pinned the latter just above Waldhof. The deciding game of the night however was played by Hertha BSC Berlin, who with an average of 114.7 had the better tie breaker than FC Bayern München, and thus ensured the first win of the "Meisterschaft" (in Bowling in Singapore) for the team from the German capital city.

With prices galore, thanks to Brotzeit and DFL Sports Enterprises Singapore, the evening came to a close and all participants are looking forward to the "DFB-Pokal" (in Bowling in Singapore) on 20.05.2017. Will FC Bayern München be more successful in their title defence than Waldhof? Will Hertha BSC Berlin achieve the "double"? Will VfB Stuttgart finally get their mojo back? Or will other teams challenge for the cup? No one knows! The only thing we know is that by that time Sandra G. will not be highly pregnant anymore, the Fanclub will have a new member, and that we are looking forward to FC Bayern München showing equal commitment then.

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