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Bundesliga All-Stars are the “Invincibles” at “Meisterschaft” (in Bowling in Singapore) 2018/2019

With VfB Stuttgart being hit with last minute injuries at this year’s “Meisterschaft” (in Bowling in Singapore) urgent on-loan arrangements had to be made from which the team around Jun (on loan from FC Bayern München), Roland H. (Eintracht Braunschweig) and Thomas R. (Waldhof Mannheim) arose as clear champions not having lost a single match during the evening.

VfB Stuttgart (with on loan player Christoph K. from FC Augsburg) still started strong winning the game against FC Bayern München 1 with 111.5 to 69.7, while FC Bayern München 2 lost 93.0 to 109.0 to the later champions. A huge improvement in the second round of matches of the night for the reserve team of the “Stern des Südens” to 139.0 paved the way for a victory over VfB Stuttgart with 122.0. This proved detrimental for the team with the red “Brustring” as they then also went down in their last game of the league round 87.5 to 116.0 against the Bundesliga All-Stars. Meanwhile, FC Bayern München 1 was out of form losing both remaining games, against Bundesliga All-Stars and against their second team against which the super stars around Sven I., Anne, Christoph W. (on loan from SC Freiburg) got no foot on the ground losing 91.3 to 134.5..

In the play-offs it was then clear cut victories for Bundesliga All-Stars vs. FC Bayern München 2 (120.0 vs. 96.0) for the title and VfB Stuttgart vs. FC Bayern München 1 (123.5 vs. 106.7) for third place. Surprise team of the tournament was clearly FC Bayern München 2 with Sven R. scoring 488 pins in total and Svenja following closely with 437 pins. Also, the race for “Torschützenkönig” 2018/2019 in Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore has been thrown wide open with three players being less than 50 pins apart: Hartmut D. 1005 pins, Roland H. 994 pins and Christoph W. 963 pins.

Next up is the “DFB-Pokal” (in Bowling in Singapore) where it will be seen whether surprise cup holder RB Kaiserslautern Kerala will repeat last year’s feat. At least they rested all their players for the “Meisterschaft” in order to attack next time. But, until then hopefully also injured players Ingo J. and Sasha D. of VfB Stuttgart will be back in action giving any contestant for the cup a tough time.

“DFB-Pokal” (in Bowling in Singapore): Saturday, 01.06.2019, 7pm. Orchid Bowl @The Chevrons.

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