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VfB-Stuttgart Pokalsieger 2023/2024 (in Bowling in Singapore)

Playing in a new format, VfB Stuttgart II came on top of this year’s DFB-Pokal in Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore. Overall well deserved with Marcus H. and Hartmut D. having come out at number 1 and 3 of the individual score sheet with 528 and 486 pins respectively. Only 2nd League player Markus B. from the waterkant Hamburger SV managed to break into the phalanx from the Neckar with 498 pins. Roland H. from Eintracht Braunschweig, usually a podium finisher in past years, missed the top 3 this time with 479 pins. And, VfB Stuttgart I players Michael J. and Logan came in a distant last with 397 and 389 pins respectively. While some players made match fixing allegations  as the last match was won by only a close 5 pins total and on-loan player Logan underperforming, the overall results clearly justify the final standings. Any further mention of match fixing in connection with the tournament will be severely sanctioned by the organizers.

First round seating had the teams lined up in the order VfB II, Eintracht Braunschweig, VfB I and HSV. Semi-finals then were played 1-4 and 2-3 and saw VfB II thrashing HSV 142.0 to 114.3 and Braunschweig dominating VfB I 126.3 to 109.7 pins. The final then played with Michael J. being demoted from VfB I to VfB II and Logan on-loan to Braunschweig was narrowly won by the Boys from Cannstatt 108.0 to 106.3 pins. Congrats to “Stammspieler” Marcus H. and Hartmut D. and support player Michael J. for bringing home the first Pokal-trophy since 2015, albeit nowadays in a much smaller form than pre-Covid. 

And, congrats to Markus B. for the first time in his bowling career, clinging the highly coveted title of Torschützenkönig in Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore with 986 pins before Hartmut D. with 960 and Roland H. with 922 pins.

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