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Brotzeit Bundesliga Opening event

Arguably, many wondered to see 1. VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Asia (Singapore) participating with several members and friends at the Bundesliga opening event of Brotzeit, as the 2. Bundesliga season already had started 3 weeks earlier. But, with a return to the top flight of German football clearly in sight for the Boys from Cannstatt, at least from a Asian perspective since otherwise it is close to impossible to watch the games in pubs or on TV together, 1. VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Asia (Singapore) cemented its position as the first Bundesliga fanclub in Singapore and one of few, if not the only one, 2. Bundesliga fanclub all over Asia. As a new addition to the fan scene "BVB Fans of Singapore" has been present at the event, setting the scene for hopefully a battle for the title in 1. Bundesliga and not a start-to-finish-line FC Bayern München new title record.

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