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Top performances at 1. Matchday of Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore "Trainingslager"

Preparations for "Meisterschaft" and "DFB-Pokal" Season 2017/18 in Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore are on its way. In the "Trainingslager" new records were set with Tim K. (183 pins), Roland H. (172 pins) and Sasha D. (151 pins) having 3 players scoring 150+ pins in a game. Overall Roland H. (Eintracht Braunschweig, 572 pins) of BL All Stars dominated the evening. Sasha D. won the family battle with Hartmut D. 528 pins to 523 pins, giving VfB Stuttgart 2 a solid lead over the other teams. BL All Stars came in second as Christoph W. (SC Freiburg, 503 pins) and Christoph K. (FC Augsburg, 503 pins) together with Roland H. had an edge over VfB Stuttgart 1's Tim K. (490 pins), Ingo J. (401 pins), and Melitta K. (348 pins). Check out the full results on

From left: Christoph K., Christoph W., Sasha D., Hartmut D., Ingo J., Tim K., Melitta K., Roland H.

Mark your calendars for the next Matchdays: 27.01.18, 7.00pm, Bundesliga Bowling "Meisterschaft"

19.05.18, 7.00pm, Bundesliga Bowling "DFB - Pokal"

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