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VfB Stuttgart regaining "Meister"-title in Bundesliga BOWLING in Singapore

Despite the coaching cum players cum management crisis at the main club in Stuttgart, VfB Stuttgart still managed to regain the "Meister"-title in Bundesliga BOWLING in Singapore after a 2 year hiatus. New signing Toshiko from Singapore, where they cannot play football but surely a good in bowling, and on-loan player Roland H. from Eintracht Braunschweig made the difference in securing a clear victory together with regular starter Dietmar K.. But, also the second team of VfB Stuttgart clearly dispatched the competition from Eintracht Waldhof Hamburg (without the Eintracht as already mentioned) and FC Bayern Augsburg securing a one-two for the team with the red Brustring. FC Bayern Augsburg only closely escaped relegation with Eintracht Waldhof Hamburg getting the marching order to the second league, if there was one in Bundesliga BOWLING in Singapore.

The group phase was dominated by the two teams in white-red with clear wins over the opponents:

VfB 1 - Bayern 138.3 - 109.3

Waldhof - VfB 2 106.3 - 140.3

VfB 1 - Waldhof 119.0 - 116.0

Bayern - VfB 2 105.3 - 116.0

before battling for interim lead and third places:

VfB 1 - VfB 2 121.7 - 126.7

Bayern - Waldhof 90.3 - 122.6

But in the closing knock-out games fortunes were overturned and VfB 1 won clearly over VfB 2 with 147.0 to 108.3 and FC Bayern Augsburg over Eintracht Waldhof Hamburg with 110.0 to 106.7. Still, all players walked away with fantastic prices from our sponsors Brotzeit and Bundesliga International. Detailed results can be found on

The teams:

VfB Stuttgart 1: Roland H., Toshiko, Dietmar K.

FC Bayern Augsburg: Sven I., Anne L., Christoph K.

Eintracht Waldhof Hamburg: Thomas R., Markus B., Eugene

VfB Stuttgart 2: Hartmut D., Sasha D., Ingo J.

The winners of "Meisterschaft" in Bundesliga BOWLING in Singapore 2018: VfB Stuttgart 1!!!

With the "Meisterschale" being returned to VfB Stuttgart it is now to be seen whether the team is up for another Double at the upcoming "DFB-Pokal". Mark your calendar for 26.05.2018 (NEW DATE!!!) and make your way down to Orchid Bowl @ The Chevrons for the final showdown in Bundesliga BOWLING in Singapore 2018!

And well, that the "Boys from Cannstatt" were less successful in their match against Schalke loosing 0:2 lead to the mentioned coaching cum players cum management crisis at the beginning. We watched and we suffered like everybody else. But, luckily, none of this had influenced the success at the bowling!

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