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BREAKING NEWS!!! Michael J. new Fanclub Treasurer as Ingo J. is stepping down

1. VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Asia (Singapore) welcomes Michael J. as its new Treasurer w.e.f. the start of the new season as Ingo J. is stepping down mid-term in mutual agreement with the Committee. Michael has been a Fanclub member for over 6 years and has been already serving as Honorary Auditor so he is very familiar with the Fanclub’s finances. Having learnt banking from scratch with the infamous Stuttgarter Landesgirokasse and having moved on into finance-related IT solutions he brings the perfect skill set to advance the Fanclub’s Treasury function in the current challenging market environments.

Ingo J., who has been handling the Fanclub’s finances for over 5 years, decided to cease his role as Fanclub Treasurer to focus more on his cycling activities as well as to get more engaged in diverse clubs. With his expertise gained at 1. VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Asia (Singapore) he will be in hot demand to organise their finances of course in future.

The Fanclub and its Committee wish Michael a good start into this new challenge and thank Ingo for his dedication and professionalism in his role as Fanclub Treasurer and wish him all the best for his future endeavours. Having been the first learnt finance person on the job, his contributions to the Fanclub have been invaluable. And, of course it is expected that he will allocate some of his free time gained to watch VfB Stuttgart matches together and/or attend future bowling tournaments, where he has been featuring as a regular over the years.

Unfortunately, the vacancy in the finance department will impact the planned merchandising exercise for the 2023/2024 season, scheduled to have been launched at the end of June. It is for now postponed and will be coming up later this season.

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