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1. VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Asia (Singapore) - Annual General Meeting 2016

Nearly a dozen fanclub members and friends gathered at Stuttgart-Black Forest Café, Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore for the Annual General Meeting 2016 to review the disastrous 2015/2016 season of VfB Stuttgart, and even the equally appalling performance of the Stuttgarter Kickers found mentioning in the context of Stuttgart's infamous triple achievement last season. But, on a positive note various developments found attention of the crowd gathered over Linsen und Spätzle, Maultaschen and, albeit from Baden, Rothaus Tannenzäpfle:

- Membership increased to a total of 85 members, a jump by 22 members over one year ago

- Joint activities from watching games together in pubs, at members home or in the Mercedes Benz Arena to three successful Bundesliga Bowling events organized

- Increased media and social media presence with an own webpage as well as on Instagram and Twitter.

- Healthy surplus in the finances allowing to invest in fanclub flags for Singapore and Germany (stadium).

Also, members present agreed to the establishment of an “Ehrenrat – The Statlers and Waldorfs of the Fanclub” and elected former committee members Guido, Lutz and Reinhard into this honourable committee.

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