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VfB Stuttgart playing in Asia

While it is still a hotly debated topic in Bundesliga fan circles, FC Bayern Fanclub Singapore took the initiative and organised a football tournament for Bundesliga teams in Singapore, their respective fanclubs that is. This gave VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Asia not only a chance to measure itself against league rivals Bayern München and BVB Dortmund, but also against a team of combined German football forces in the form of the German All Stars, and for the first time in years internationally against Manchester United and Liverpool FC. In fearless tradition the Boys from Cannstatt not only fielded the youngest team with two U15 players, but also gave numerous talents on loan from other clubs a chance to shine in the white-red colours of VfB Stuttgart. As coach, Roland H., only second to Torsten Lieberknecht, from Eintracht Braunschweig could be signed for the tournament.

Opening with a 0-0 draw against FC Bayern, the skills and determination of the team were put to the mettle in the next game. In a gruelling battle VfB Stuttgart went ahead 1-0 before conceding against the brute force of the German All Stars and loosing that game 1-3 in the end. After this set-back FC Liverpool put 6 goals behind, literally as Stuttgart's defence was completely failing, the goal line with only 1 scored by VfB. In good old VfB-tradition then the "Trainerfrage" came up. But, while Huub Stevens couldn't be reached, the team also showed a positive response playing for the coach and putting the second international game against Manchester United with a 2-0 win to rest.

The last game of the tournament then saw the black-and-yellow bee Emma from BVB Dortmund being pitted against the white-red crocodile Fritzle. Both teams were on same points and hence it was a true final for the winner going to come in third place since German All Stars, overall winners, and Liverpool FC were already beyond reach. Due to the goal difference VfB Stuttgart had to win and the team took it to heart going 2-0 up. But then, as post-match analysis showed, rather than defending the lead, the young team kept on pressing and instead of securing the victory, still heartbreakingly lost 2-3 at the final whistle. Coming in 5th place in the end and one place above Bayern München, VfB Stuttgart will hardly achieve this result at the end of the 2017/2018 season in the German Bundesliga. Then again there are 18 teams and not only 6.

Highlight of the event then however was VfB Stuttgart's U15-goalie Felix R. winning the "Best Player" of the tournament price. Well deserved as with his quick reflexes and great goalkeeping he kept the team more than once in contention for victory and for the goals conceded hardly any error on his side was to blame.

1. VfB Stuttgart Fanclub Asia (Singapore) would like to thank the organizers of the event, FC Bayern Fanclub Singapore, and are looking forward to the next opportunity to measure their wits and skills against the other teams again. Also to thank are the fans supporting the teams, especially the youngest ones going at great length to convince some Bayern-supporters to change from red-white to white red.

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