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Bundesliga BOWLING "Trainingslager" turning into tightly contested test series

What was tabled as a regular November-"Trainingslager" in Bundesliga BOWLING in Singapore for season 2018/2019 turned surprisingly into a tightly contested series of test matches. Facing off one-on-one with 3 players a team VfB Stuttgart and Bundesliga All Stars delivered one of the hottest battles witnessed to date in the event series. Starting off well Bundesliga All Stars secured the first match 349 - 323 before succumbing in the second match by only 3 pins 397 - 400. Apparently shocked the players from Freiburg, Augsburg and Braunschweig stood no chance in game 3 and the Boys from Cannstatt ended it winning with a huge margin 361 - 299. Having thought to have won the night, concentration slipped and the last game was lost by VfB with 318 - 340. So in the end only 17 pins winning margin, 1402 - 1385, secured victory for the team from the Neckar. Then again, VfB Stuttgart has often convinced pre-season and not lived up to expectations later. But the team for Bundesliga BOWLING in Singapore is putting in a lot of effort that this will not happen coming January 2019 for the "Meisterschaft" and June 2019 for the "DFB-POKAL".

Watch the full results of the "Trainingslager" on:

And mark your calendars for the upcoming Bundesliga BOWLING Match Days:

26.01.2019, 2. Match Day: "Meisterschaft"

01.06.2019, 3. Match Day: "DFB-Pokal"

Picture right: Teams from Bundesliga All Stars and VfB Stuttgart facing off on Match Day 1 of Bundesliga BOWLING Season 2018/2019

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