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Waldhof holt den DFB-Pokal (in Bowling in Singapore) again!

2017 cup winner Waldhof, back then in a SpVgg with Eintracht Braunschweig, repeated the feat this year having joined FreiAugsburg. VfB Stuttgart only managed runners up while Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal “Seriensieger” (in Football in Germany) FC Bayern München only managed a surprising 3rd place having had the upper hand over Eintracht Bayern Hamburg in the finals.

The evening started well for the Boys from Cannstatt having won all three matches in the group phase, but the trend was not their friend (134.5 > 127.25 > 113 > 103.75 pins). Only U19 player Sasha D. managed to convince with an outstanding 594 pins at the end of the evening, beating even routinier Thomas R. with 576 pins from the final winners. Melitta K. strengthening the team with 431 pins was not enough to compensate for the Fanclub Präsi’s as well as the Schatzmeister’s sub-par performance, both having had not their best of evenings (460 and 429 pins respectively). On the other hand the many years of experience paid off for the Waldhof FreiAugsburg team with Thomas R., Christoph W. (513 pins) and Christoph K. (458 pins) having amongst them participated in nearly 100 matches at “Trainingslager”, “Meisterschaft”, and “DFB-Pokal” (in Bowling in Singapore) in total.

FC Bayern München started well into the tournament with a win over Eintracht Bayern Hamburg, but then the performance dipped in the next two games of the group phase before picking themselves up again in the final round. Sven R., Svenja H. and Jun D. showed however a very consistent team performance with 122, 113, 103.7, 115.7 pins in the four games of the evening.

“Torschützenkönig” 2018/2019 Roland H. comes from last placed Eintracht Bayern Hamburg having scored 1498 pins over the 3 match days this season followed by Christoph W. with 1476 pins. But, cult coach Roland H. being joined by rookies Chris. H. and Jessy H. and 2. Bundesliga Dino Markus B. were unsuccessful in mounting a serious title challenge. Better luck next time!

Re next time, watch out for the announcements for “Trainingslager”, “Meisterschaft” and “DFB-Pokal” 2019/2020 when it is time again to transfer the rivalries on the Football pitches in Germany to the Bowling lanes in Singapore.

Tentative dates (tbc):

16.11.2019 “Trainingslager”

08.02.2020 “Meisterschaft”

06.06.2020 “DFB-Pokal”

A 4. Match Day “Supercup” is currently under consideration, however scheduling problems may lead to a delay to launch this tournament only in 2020. And, unlike FIFA, an expansion to 48 teams is neither in the books, sticking to 4 to 8 teams has proven a success formula, nor is playing some games in other continents to increase the participation an option. And, Qatar hasn’t paid, yet, too. The Fanclub sticks to the tradition meanwhile built up for Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore - furchtlos und treu!

Full results of season 2018/2019 in Bundesliga Bowling in Singapore on:

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furchtlos und treu

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