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Trainingslager einmal anders

Firstly, some of us got a “Behind the Lanes”-Tour seeing the mechanism, and the tiny little bit of Industry 4.0, behind a bowling alley. Are we better bowling players now? Nah, not really! Are we the wiser and more learned? For sure!!!

Secondly, BYO beer and pizza orders as the caterer had wound down. Well, it got cheaper and we were drinking and eating more … hehehehe.

Thirdly, don’t get me started on the music that evening. But let’s say, I got my share of regional pop music for 2019 and won’t need any anytime early 2020 soon.

But, there was also Bowling of course!!!

The dry round after the “Behind the Lanes”-Tour was dominated by Roland H., Ingo J., and Christoph K., who seemed to profit from insider tips from pro-player Jimmy. But, the effect didn’t last. Outside of competition the score of Hartmut D. was dismissable, not worth mentioning.

The 2019 / 2020 Season then started in full swing with teams from “2. BL and Beyond” as well as “Up where they Belong”, not really as it turned out. The underdogs from VfB Stuttgart and Eintracht Braunschweig dominated the first half of the evening (664 pins from Roland H., Ingo J., and Hartmut D.) against Bayern München, SC Freiburg and FC Augsburg (627 pins from Sven I., Christoph K., Anne I., and Christoph W.). The “Up where they DON’T Belong” team then asked for a change of pitch, claiming their bowling lane was 2nd league and below standard, not beyond, but to no avail. The “2. BL and Beyond” team even improved to 719 pins and their opponents, playing the last game with one man down, not due to a red card but due to another party, to only 704 pins. So the tables were turned.

Just scrapping the 100 pins mark on average the “Trainingslager” showed yet again that all players and teams need to up the ante for the upcoming “Meisterschaft” and “DFB-Pokal” (in Bowling in Singapore). Stay tuned for dates and locations as the defunct caterer and “too much to tahan” music entertainment may have been the famous straw on the famous camel’s back to move to greener pastures. Will keep you posted.

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